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Black Monukka

Composition: 100% Monukka grapes

Harvest: By Hand.

Ageing: Aged for 36 months in the finest American oak barrels

Alcohol: 19%

Residual Sugar: 80 gr/l

Winemaking Techniques: Monukka grapes are a forgotten variety, with a great ripening potential and sweetness. After a late harvest, close to a raisin point, the thick grape juice is enriched with Brandy, and aromatized with vanilla and cinnamon.

Tasting Notes: 

Color: Maple syrup-like colors and consistency, with bright copper hues

On the Nose:  We dare you to not perceive this wine’s aromas from afar. You’ll find aromas that might remind you of almonds covered in caramel, honey and, a personal favorite, bananas with dulce de leche and peanut butter, all inside a frame of Brandy delight

On the palate: An intense smoky note at first, immediately followed by a perfumed mouth evolution, filled with ripe red fruits, dried fruits and nuts. Its sweetness is a perfect shield for the alcohol contents, which makes it a really, really dangerous wine. Another dare proposed: try and make it last more than a week.


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